Eläinkeskus/24Pets - official name Espoon Eläinkeskus Oy opened its doors on 28 November 1990, so we are over 30 years old!

A lot has been transformed over the years. We started in Tapiola, Espoo in 1990, where the shop was still a traditional pet store with pets. Supplies and food were found for all pets. In 2000, our lease expired and then there was no suitable retail space in Tapiola, so we moved to Leppävaara in Espoo. Holiday care services for birds, rodents and rabbits began to be more and more sought after and we needed more space for them, so the animals to be sold, as well as the aquarium side, were completely left out at some point and we focused only on the goods/food side as well as the pet care centre. The dog/cat side began to shrink out of the way of bird supplies, and we started to invest in it in ourselves, because not much of that side was found in Finland. Soon we became familiar with bird supplies and they started ordering them by post as well. The first website was launched sometime in the early 2000s, and it was also a way to order. In 2006, we had the opportunity to buy a business with well-known brands (Genesis, ZuPreem, etc.). There was already a bit of importing, but now it really started. The warehouse was located in Vihti, Nummela, where we were just ourselfs moving to. After about a year in 2007, the store was also moved from Espoo to Nummela. We got all the functions under one roof, a wholesale warehouse, a retail store and a holiday care centre that got good and much better facilities. Soon we focused solely on bird, rodent/rabbit products.


At present, the main focus is most on bird food and supplies and rabbit/rodent food. Most of our products are our own imports. Since the online age, the need for a store has decreased, and today it is open on three days: Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays.


24Pets is the name of our online store. Our entire selection can also be found online and at the same prices as in the store. You can also make a pick-up order online and pick up from the store, while at the same time you can take advantage of several of our online store payment options.


You often meet us at animal fairs and various bird events. We always inform about the fair on our website and on facebook.


Our bird hotel is especially popular for reliable and expert care, with birds arriving all over Finland. We're taking care of the birds from finch to macaw.


We also volunteer to help home-changing birds look for a new, good home. If you've considered giving a home changer (maybe a rescue case) a home, or if you're looking for a friend (older one) for your current bird, you might want to tell us about it. We get to know about these from time to time.


We do this work with heart and always with animal welfare in mind. With over 40 years of bird experience, which is also updated knowledge/experience. Because it is important not to stay there somewhere in the 1980s, because things change, cage sizes, food and the right diet in birds in general, education, treatment of diseases, etc. There's been a lot of change in these in those days. To this day, we still have loyal customers from the very time of Tapiola. We also provide expert advice, for which we have received a lot of praise. We want to be a little different from others, you won't find another company like this in Finland. We also have more different products than elsewhere, especially for parrots. Elainkeskus/24Pets is a bird owners "must" place! Elina has had birds since the 1970s, when there were the first budgies, later came the maiden cockatiels and the first big parrot umbrella cockatoo Roope in 1988, after which several cockatoos came. Over the years, 11 umbrella cockatoo chicks have hatched at home. The big person Puppis rabbit lived in Finland for a whopping 13 years. Now at our home are living official toy testers umbrella cockatoos: Roope and Vilma and Jorma, who are our own breed and moluccan cockatoo Emma.

Ellu & Jake

Ellu Jake